Patient Review By Ashley C

I had my consultation at the Port Washington office and the staff was very nice. Dr. Miller was wonderful. I was already nervous going into it and he explained every little detail until I understood what was being done and answered all of my questions. I was struggling with my insurance and what was going to be covered. Dr. Miller's office offered to contact my insurance and work with them on what coverage would be. On the day of the surgery I was at the Mequon office. Dr. Miller's staff there are very nice as well. I was nervous of course on that day and the receptionist was so helpful and nice! Dr. Miller's nurses were absolutely wonderful! I had to wait about half hour while Dr. Miller finished with another patient. I was never alone in the room and each nurse would strike up a conversation. I was nervous about being put under and they explained exactly what happens and what will happen. After the surgery one of Dr. Miller's nurses walked me all the way out to my car. She made sure I got in and was buckled in too! I thought that this was very nice! They could have easily sent me out the door after the surgery with my driver, but instead they took that extra step and that extra care. I greatly appreciated the extra touch from Dr. Miller himself the next day when he personally called to make sure everything was going okay. He really shows that not only does Dr. Miller cares about his patients, but his team does as well. If I had to do it again (which I hope I never do) I would go right back to Dr. Miller.

- Ashley C

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