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Patient Review By LaToya K

I had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Hawkins and he as well as his staff were amazing! Safe to say I don’t remember a thing after I got the IV and was told I’d be out in 15 seconds lol! I woke up with gauze in my mouth and unhooked from all of the machines and was led into the recovery room. I would definitely return and refer anyone for future dental work. Thank you all!

- LaToya K

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Patient Review By Mike M

I had a wonderful experience here. I would recommend this practice to anyone who needs any surgical procedure done in their mouth.

- Mike M

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Patient Review By Diana M

I recently had my wisdom teeth removed. The whole procedure was quick and pain free. Dr. Hawkins and his' assistant were attentive and really helped put me at ease. In addition everyone there was very friendly. I had a great experience. I would definitely recommend them!

- Diana M

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Patient Review By Kim

We looked for over a year to find a doctor that could help us for an extremely difficult situation with my young son, Nate. Finally we found Dr. Hawkins. He made sure my son got the care he needed promptly and went over and above what anyone else would do. Dr. Hawkins and his staff were an answer to many prayers for us after a long period of many tears and worries. Since then I have recommended this office to my nephew who gave their team all positive reviews. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Hawkins and team!

- Kim

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Patient Review By Ashley C

I had my consultation at the Port Washington office and the staff was very nice. Dr. Miller was wonderful. I was already nervous going into it and he explained every little detail until I understood what was being done and answered all of my questions. I was struggling with my insurance and what was going to be covered. Dr. Miller's office offered to contact my insurance and work with them on what coverage would be. On the day of the surgery I was at the Mequon office. Dr. Miller's staff there are very nice as well. I was nervous of course on that day and the receptionist was so helpful and nice! Dr. Miller's nurses were absolutely wonderful! I had to wait about half hour while Dr. Miller finished with another patient. I was never alone in the room and each nurse would strike up a conversation. I was nervous about being put under and they explained exactly what happens and what will happen. After the surgery one of Dr. Miller's nurses walked me all the way out to my car. She made sure I got in and was buckled in too! I thought that this was very nice! They could have easily sent me out the door after the surgery with my driver, but instead they took that extra step and that extra care. I greatly appreciated the extra touch from Dr. Miller himself the next day when he personally called to make sure everything was going okay. He really shows that not only does Dr. Miller cares about his patients, but his team does as well. If I had to do it again (which I hope I never do) I would go right back to Dr. Miller.

- Ashley C

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Patient Review By Joanne A

Dr. Hawkins was so wonderful, the work that he does is first rate and he never will settle for "good enough". It was a three year journey for me from the start of the removal of two of my front teeth, bone graphs and gum tissue graphs, implant studs in and patience to ensure the best outcome. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and personable that I always felt comfortable and in good hands. My final appointment at my dentist was on 12/30/16 and the final product was three implants and a smile so big that will be everlasting!

- Joanne A

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Patient Review By Justin F

Dr. Gingrass did a truly exceptional job extracting my wisdom teeth. I had minimal pain, minimal swelling, and in five days I was back to normal. As a patient with other medical complications, Dr. Gingrass and the staff took extra precautions to ensure my safety when it came to medications I could take. I really appreciated this, and felt completely comfortable with him. I have recommended Dr. Gingrass to both family and friends.

- Justin F

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Patient Review By Jane L

My endodontist said I needed a tooth, causing me extreme pain, removed asap. Dr. Miller got me in the same afternoon. I was extremely grateful. Once removed, I was practically pain-free almost immediately. Thank you!

- Jane L

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Patient Review By Joel D

From every aspect, your personnel and facilities made our son's procedure (4 wisdom teeth extraction) a very endurable experience.

- Joel D

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Patient Review By Kim K

My son was a patient of Dr Hawkins. We are so thankful for how Dr Hawkins helped us when no one else could. Thank you

- Kim K

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Patient Review By Jen M

Great Doctors and Staff!

- Jen M

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